We comprehensively analyse what you buy & how you buy it to find efficiencies

At J6, we specialise in improving efficiencies and cost management processes without compromising on service and quality.

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Comprehensive Cost Management

We take a holistic approach in our review of your business including your infrastructure, future plans, goals and objectives and procurement processes to discover both the usual and unusual 'culprits' where costs are too high and efficiencies can be made.

We draw on a wide range of expertise from within our own team as well as our network of specialists to select those that best suit your needs. We only ever use the current best practices of the market.

Our open-book approach has no upfront fees. We only share the savings we find with you; so you pay us from monies you never previously had within the first year and you keep 100% of the savings in all subsequent years.


Leading Digital Platforms

Ordo and Mintprice are our existing cloud-based e-procurement software systems that are in-line with market requirements and customer feedback.

In addition to Ordo and Mintprice, we also have the capabilities of developing bespoke cloud-based SaaS systems, should it be more beneficial to your organisation.

This process involves:

  • Scoping or reviewing system requirements
  • Planning and designing the system with the client before sign-off
  • System development (including all aspects of testing)

Once a system is launched successfully, support and enhancements will be tailored to meet your requirements.

Why we're successful

Unlike in-house professionals, we're removed from the day-to-day activities, urgent requirements and fire fighting and can therefore be 100% focused on analysing the data and information to produce efficiencies.


We know from experience that for efficiencies to occur as best as they can, everything cannot be handled in-house.

In spite of this, we still find organisations asking service providers for advice and solutions to problems. In our view, this is like asking the fox to provide advice on how to keep the chickens safe.

It is the service provider's job to increase sales using the equipment and services they provide, which is why getting independent advice is so important to ensure agreements are in your organisation's interest, first and foremost

So, this is what we do and why we're successful. We put your interests first, always, provide the relevant specialists on a case-by case basis and operate on a no saving, no fee basis.

What we ask of our
clients in return

So we’re in the best position to save your organisation the most money possible, we ask you:

To have an open mind and understand we’re here to complement and support
To recognise that because of the breadth of expense categories you deal with, you cannot be experts in all of them (and shouldn’t expect to be)
To understand whilst you may buy in large quantities, our aggregated buying power accumulated since 1997, will deliver much lower prices
To appreciate that our lower price/rates happen by ‘piggy-backing’ your spend onto other large organisations’ spend