Saving your organisation money by improving your efficiency and procurement spend - without compromising on quality / service


What we do

We share our vast experience and knowledge to build relationships and save organisations money by improving their efficiency and reducing their procurement spend. We do this without ever compromising on quality and service.

Assisting finance and working together with other in-house departments together with our specialists to produce continuous sustainable savings. This is not only about reducing costs. It's about improving efficiency and producing long-term value.

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How we do it

J6 Efficiency work with procurement specialists or teams of specialists to review, analyse, strategise, implement and continuously manage your organisation's spend.

We operate on a no savings, no fee basis so that value and results are a certainty from the very beginning of our relationship. You pay us from monies you never previously had in the first year and then keep 100% in all subsequent years.

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Why we do it

We are natural problem solvers and innovators who want to see organisations and skilled professionals given the best chance to succeed.

It gives us great satisfaction to improve and simplify complex cost bases and processes to increase an organisation's buying power, previously out of reach due to comments such as ' ... it's how we've always done it' attitude and unnecessarily high overheads.

We have already saved millions for some great clients

Here’s three good reasons to get in touch

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Aggregating your requirements and increasing your buying power
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Market knowledge; independent view; category expense specialists
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Improve your gross margin, operational efficiencies and profitability